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Who are you Guys?

Marquina is the orignal Spanish name of the great shoemaking capital of the Philippines - Marikina City.

Our mission is to bring the glory and craft of Filipino shoemaking into to modern era with designs that make you look good and feel good every day - without breaking the bank.

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Manufacturing only meet your orders without holding stock ensures we give you the best possible value on our hand crafted leather goods and shoes.

Plus it works out best for all of us! Inventory occupies warehouse space, it also requires high upfront investment that needs to be backed by high profit margins in order to be sustainable making it mutually ineffective for bothyou and us in the long run.

All our products are available right here at marquinashoemaker.com.

Glad you asked! Starting March 1, 2018 we will be opening a small "Shoeroom" for you to be able to shop our collection in person. It's at our Guijo St. Studio - 3589 Guijo (next to 12/10) - we can even do shoe shining and custom fitting by appointment!

Address is here:

Book an appointment here:

Yeah, we are.

Just a few friends who wanted to try making bringing back some of the prestige of Filipino footwear - so hope you can join us and #WalkThisWay

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Payment, Shipping and returns

Sourcing only high quality materials and ensuring fair labor practices is a challenge we need your help with as a young company.

Being able to use the revenue from every order allows us to keep the wheels turning smoothly and provide the best possible customer experience.

We take each order very seriously and invest a lot of time in ensuring your shoes come out just the way we promised - so we also need you to be 100% committed.

Orders begin production right away upon receipt of payment

Not a problem! Just let us know ahead of time via email info@marquinashoemaker.com or message us on social; we're on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/marquinashoemaker) and Instagram (instagram.com/marquinashoemaker) )

Standard delivery time is three weeks upon completing payment of your order.

We always want every customer to end up happy with their pair of Marquina Shoes so we have a FREE exchange policy for any sizing or quality issues with the shoes for up to 30 days after delivery.

Shoes need to be in brand new condition and unmarked - see full policy here: 




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